In 2012 The Double G Cattle Company was started by two long time friends Gary and Graham and their wives Christine and Julie in 150 Mile House/Caribou region British Columbia.

Our mission was to naturally and humanely raise a true grass fed to grass finished cow using ZERO grains, antibiotics, or growth hormones. 

What started out as a small herd of local Angus and Herford cows to feed close family and friends, grew to accommodate requests of extended family, friends, work associates, neighbors etc. for our grass fed-grass finished beef! 

Aside from raising free range cattle, we vowed to maintain our cattle on our ranch from start to finish - which means our cattle will never go to a "finishing" feed lot or  receive in-humane treatment - ever. Since our cattle ranch is quite small we harvest once a year in November - this is when last years steers (19 -20 months) have reached their best weight. They will have had two natural spring and summer cycles of grazing on our ranches lush caribou range lands and have spent the winters eating hay that we cut the previous summer. 


What is Natural?

Our cattle are raised naturally on over 2000 acres as nature intended, living outdoors, in a herd, and on pasture and range land. 
There is no one definition of natural. At Double G cattle Co. we can tell you that our Natural Beef does not contain any hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Nor do we use any feeds that incorporate rendered ingredients or by-products. Most of our winter feeds are grown on our farm or on that of a nearby neighbour. We feed home grown hay without additives of any kind.

Why Natural?

Natural beef tends to be leaner and tastier than most conventional beef. It only stands to reason that an animal that spends its life walking around and eating natural range grasses would have a stronger texture and flavour than one that is just standing in a feedlot pen. You can expect our natural grass fed beef to have more flavour than conventional beef, but to have less fat.


We can identify every animal from birth through its whole life. A numbered ear tag is attached when each calf is born. From this, we not only know the parentage of that animal and the date of its birth, but also can monitor its growth and health its whole life. Isn’t it nice to know where your food comes from and how it was raised!


About the Owners

While Gary and Christine are the primary owners and caretakers of The XY Ranch, Graham works and lives on his own farm in the Chilliwack of the Fraser Valley where he has raised and sold beef to family and friends in the lower main land for the past 25 years!